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Rap sheet 7/12/20

Message: Justice For ALL


This week we learned that there is a massive gap between IMPLICATION and APPLICATION! In other words, there is a chasm between what we should do and what we actually do!

The Speed Limit sign explicitly says 65, which implies I should drive 65 or under. However, when I am in a hurry, all bets are off that I will actually Apply that limit to my driving.

Your wedding vows imply that you should put your spouse first, and yet we are selfish. Your employment implies you should give your all at work but we get distracted.

The gap between what is Implied and what is Applied is the difference in success and stagnation.

In America, our Declaration clearly implies that All humans are equal and should be treated as so. We know that for hundreds of years we did not apply that truth in our society!

Where do you see a gap between implication and application in your own life?

Why is it often so difficult to do the things we know we should?

Pastor Clayton looked at the very popular parable of the Good Samaritan on Sunday. The Priest is the first figure we see ignore the plight of the man who was robbed. The Levite comes next. Both men explicitly knew the law and their positions implied they would help - and yet they passed by on the other side of the road.

It was the samaritan, the enemy of the hurting man, who had compassion and saved his life. All the scriptural knowledge and religious customs of the Priest and Levite did nothing for the man dying in the ditch!


Every week on our Rap Sheet we have THIS section that we call "Apply."

MetaChurch was started with the emphasis fully on the application of God's word, not just knowledge of it. This week's message makes it clear why! We do not want to be the Priest or the Levite in the story! We want to impact actual change in our world! We want to bridge the gap to application!


What is ONE AREA of your life that you will bridge the gap from Implication to Application this week??


Spend some time praying that God will show you the areas of your life that you are aware of, but are not active in. To see the full power and potential of your life unleashed you have to take action. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the opportunities all around you to be a good samaritan! Pray that God would use MetaChurch during this time of crisis and tension in our world.


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