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RAP SHEET 7/25/21


ICE BREAKER: Ice Cream, Brownies, Oreos, Churros... 3 have to go - Forever. Only one remains... Who you saving?

This week, we focused on PRACTICING Prayer. There was no organized Sermon or teaching. Instead, we spent the service praying as individuals.

Today, in your team, we want to continue working towards becoming People of Prayer! Instead of your normal RAP Sheet, we are going to use our time to pray for one another.

Public prayer may make you really, really nervous! That is ok! If you are uncomfortable voicing your prayer out loud, simply pray to yourself and say "AMEN" when you are done. God WILL hear your prayer.

Start by allowing anyone to share things in their life they would like prayer for. Life Team Leader, your vulnerability will set the standard for the rest of the room.

Once prayer requests are shared, simply go around the circle and each person pray. If we will be people who pray, we WILL see God's power!

Some other things you can pray for:

-Our city's inhabitants

-MetaChurch's next steps to expand the movement

-Your Pastors and Meta Staff

-The orphan crisis in Bexar County

Meet Together. Move Together. Pray Together.


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