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RAP SHEET 7/9/23

Series: Made To

Sermon: Walk It / Talk It

ICE BREAKER: What topics are you most likely to enter into a debate with friends/family on?


This week, we closed out our MADE TO series with our 7th value - WALK IT / TALK IT. This value comes from James 1 where it says:

"22 But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."

We are not meant to just TALK about our faith, we were created to WALK it out every moment of our life.

We looked at a series of encounters that Jesus had with religious leaders during his time on earth. Each time, they tried to trip Jesus up with really difficult questions. The first was political, the second theological, and the third trap was theoretical. With ease, Jesus sidestepped these questions and left the crowds in awe of his wisdom.

While there is much to learn from these passages, this week we focused on how Jesus handled these DISTRACTIONS.

What are a few of the biggest distractions in your life right now?

How much of your time/energy do these distractions steal from you?

Often, the enemies of God do not try to outright destroy Jesus followers - they simply try to distract us! A distracted Christian is a powerless Christian.

Think of ALL the things that fight for our attention in the world today! These are the things that keep our attention and energy away from our purpose as followers of Jesus!


At Service this Sunday, you received a handout with a self-assessment. It allowed you to scale yourself on all 7 of our "MADE TO" Values. (

For our application time today, share with your team what surprised you about that assessment (If you haven't completed it, take a minute to do so now).

On the values that you are struggling in - what distractions are taking your attention away from that value? Be specific.

With your team, talk through real ways that you can combat your distractions and stay focused on your Movement!


Spend time asking God for focus on your purpose. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the sources of your distraction.


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