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Rap sheet 8/16/20

Message: Cancelling Christians


This week we looked at the flip side of Cancel Culture. While in week 1 we looked at the Culture Cancelling Christians, this week we looked at Christians attempting to Cancel people in the culture.

The sad truth is many believers spend their time at war with people outside of the faith.

When have you seen the effect of judgmental Christians in your life?

How did it affect you?

How did it affect the people around you?

To understand how we are to interact with the world outside of Christ, we looked at the ultimate example - Jesus! Jesus made it a habit to hang out with Cancelled Company. One day, a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus. The crowd wanted her cancelled.

Jesus had a choice to make. Would he Conform and condone her sin, or would he Cancel her and condemn her life? Jesus stopped, took his time, and finally gave his answer:

"Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone."

It is in that moment Jesus showed us a third way!

We do not Conform and accept sin

We do not Cancel people for their sin

We show Compassion because we all sin

Compassion is living in the middle of Conformity and Cancellation. It is acknowledging that we are all sinners in need of a savior. It is how we build bridges instead of barriers to those who do not know Jesus yet!



What is ONE WAY you will move from Conformity (being ok with sin) OR Cancellation (condemning someone because of sin) to Compassion?

Think about an area you are super judgmental and ask yourself, "Am I really able to throw the first stone?"

Think about a sin you have rationalized in your life and ask, "Am I simply conforming to the culture?"

If you are Conforming or Cancelling - it's time for a better way! It is time to live a life of compassion!


Spend some time praying for our city and for a world that is becoming increasingly judgmental against each other. Pray for your own heart and that God would show you where you are conforming and canceling. Meditate on Jesus and how he lived a third way. Imagine what it will look like to live a compassionate life and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to that life!


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