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Rap sheet 8/23/20

Message: INsecurity


Insecurity is an unfortunate part of the human condition. We have all delt with it at some level and it holds us back from living our full purpose and potential.

What are some things you were insecure about as a child?

What did that insecurity hold you back from?

How has insecurity shaped your adult life?


To begin to get a handle on this, we have to start with the deepest, most important form of security - Eternal Security!

Most people do not live with Assurance of what happens after they die. This is not just for unbelievers either - many Christians still live wondering if their spot in paradise is really secure. This is a huge problem!

Have you ever delt with a lack of assurance about your afterlife?

What comes after this life is the biggest question during this life. If we could have real security about eternity, we could begin removing other areas of insecurity during our time on earth!

The Apostel Paul makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR in this passage that our faith in Jesus transformed our souls so radically, that we are sealed with a promise of Eternity with God! In a letter to the Corinthians Paul even says that we are, "New Creations."

If you want to live out your purpose and experience a significant life, it can only be doe IN SECURITY!



What is ONE WAY you will grow more secure in your relationship with Jesus this week?

Our Assurance never comes from looking at ourselves! We are jacked up and fall too short to make our way to heaven. Eternal Security comes from looking at Jesus and what He did for us on the cross.

Maybe this week you begin to surround yourself with a favorite worship song that reminds you of what Christ has done. Perhaps you need to start a habit of reading scripture. Maybe you do those things already but need to carve out time to meditate on all that God has done for you.

Whatever it takes, find ONE WAY to grow more secure. A secure life is a significant life!


Spend some time focusing on the areas of your life you are insecure. Ask God to show you why. At the end of those "why's" I believe you will find a distorted view of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to begin to correct the thoughts that are leading you away from Eternal Security.

In your prayers, thank Jesus specifically for what He has done for you. Learn to grow in your gratitude for the eternal life He has given you.


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