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RAP SHEET 8/30/20

Message: Fear of the Unkown


This week, Pastor Ryan gave us a fresh perspective on heading back in to a new world of school, work, and social life in the midst of a pandemic.

There are a many things that you could be afraid of these days. However, perhaps the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. By not knowing what the near future holds or even how your decisions will play out in the short term, it leaves us paralyzed and unsure how to move forward.

What things have made you the most fearful during this Covid season?

How many of those fears are attached to what is unknown?

Do we send our kids back to school or keep them at home?

That is a hard question because we simply do not know what will happen to our kids in either situation. By keeping them home are we depriving them from social contact imperative to their development? By sending them to school are we putting them in danger or maybe even ourselves in danger if they spread Covid to our home?

WE JUST DON'T KNOW! And that that is a big problem. We are finite beings and do not know the future.

Ryan highlighted this reality by looking at Peter the night of Jesus' arrest. Peter had promised to stay with Jesus and even to die with him if necessary. Then, when it all hit the fan Peter ran away and denied Jesus 3 times.

The problem was Peter did not know the future. He did not realize Jesus would not stay dead. He did not understand that this wasn't the end of a movement, simply the beginning of one!

After Jesus rose again, Peter's faith was bullet proofed. He realized he didn't have to know the future himself as long as he knew Jesus!

You don't have to know the unknown, when you know the ONE who knows!


What are some areas in your life where you have been paralyzed by fear of the unknown?

What would it change to put your faith in Jesus instead of that circumstance?

Do you really trust that Jesus knows the future and will provide for you in even the hardest circumstances?



We are living through difficult times. There is a lot the world is throwing at us and a lot of fear in our culture. Spend time every day seeking God and orienting your life around the one who knows and holds the future. Ask the Holy Spirit to make the power of Knowing Jesus evident and applicable in your life.

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