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RAP SHEET 9/11/22

Series: Consume or Create

Sermon: Too Big To Fail

Scripture: Judges 2:16-19

ICE BREAKER: What was your favorite 90s business that no longer exists?


This week, we wrapped up our Consume or Create series by getting honest about the state of the Western church. Over the last 30 years, America has seen some of it's largest, most iconic businesses fall into oblivion. Places like Blockbuster, Circuit City, and Toys R Us - just to name a few!

These giant corporations ignored the warning signs that they were in trouble. They had a blind sense of Hubris and believed they were "too big to fail."

The American church today is seeing the same warning signs and is often acting with the same level of blind arrogance! If we do not take this seriously, the church in America as we know it could easily go the way of Circuit City.

How have you seen the culture of church change in your lifetime?

What warning signs do you notice about the changing cultural attitudes toward church?

In the Old Testament, we see a similar pattern with the people of Israel. God promised to protect and bless them as long as they stayed true to their identity as the called out people of God. However, in season's of blessing, they would become self-reliant and begin chasing after the idols of other cultures. This would move them out from under God's blessing and spiral them into chaos and oppression.

The key to reclaiming their blessing was to acknowledge where they were, turn back to God, and reclaim their role as God's ambassadors on the earth!

This is the same call we should head today! It is time to take seriously our role as THE CHURCH - the called out people of God. We are not meant to simply consume "christian content." We are called to come alongside Jesus and help create this movement!


We are asking for people to move from CONSUMER to CREATOR! For many people, this will involve joining one of our teams that helps the Movement Move. We are praying that many people sign up and show up on either:

9/14 at 6pm


9/17 at 10am

You can register at

If this isn't the right season for you, how else can church be more than just something you attend? What would it mean for you to own your part in this movement?


Ask God to show you what it looks like to engage with your time, energy, and resources at MetaChurch. Ask Jesus to continue to build his church here among us and to draw in others who are ready to move from consumer to creator!


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