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RAP SHEET 9/26/21

Series: HEROIC

Sermon: Watch the Throne

Scripture: 1 Samuel 22:1-2

ICE BREAKER: You can only pick one sandwich to eat at lunch for the rest of your life - would you choose Meat & Cheese or PB&J??


This week we learned an important lesson by looking at the Heroic life of David. His accomplishments at a young age were immense! He had been anointed as the future King, defeated Goliath, married the princess, and rose to fame through other military conquests!

Everything was on track in David's life until the current King, Saul, began to Watch The Throne. Saul became insecure and was threatened by David's popularity. Because of this, Saul began to self-protect. He went so far to protect his power that he tried to have David murdered!

What Saul was demonstrating is a tendency we all struggle with. Everyone wants to be King! We all desire success in one form or another. Society seems to instruct us that in order to get power we have to look out for ourselves and hoard as much as we can get our hands on.

Have you ever worked for a power hungry leader or been in relationship with someone who always self-protects?

When is a time that you have been tempted to "Watch the Throne" and make sure no one threatens your power?

David had to run for his life and eventually ran out of options. He settled in a Cave called Adullam near enemy territory. After living a life where everything went his way, David had now hit rock bottom! If that wasn't enough, 400 misfits from Israel showed up to camp with him there. The Bible says they were desperate, in debt, and discontent!

At this point, David could have acted like Saul. He could have seen this lackluster group as a threat to his plan and whatever power he had left. David could have assumed that God was cursing him with the "C" team when what he really needed was the best and brightest on his side.

Instead, David stepped up and became the leader these men needed. In doing so, he teaches us a massive lesson:

Being Heroic is about WHO YOU ARE, not WHAT YOU ARE DOING or what life is doing to you!

The truth is, you cannot "Watch the Throne" and Pursue Your Purpose at the same time! You cannot self-protect and meet your potential in this life.

God used David's leadership to turn the Bad News Bears into the Avengers! These 400 men became warriors so mighty that they eventually took back the Kingdom. David didn't need a Throne to be a leader or live out his purpose - which is exactly why God gave him the Kingdom and the throne to go with it!


Self-Protection is almost as natural as breathing to us as humans. To break free from a Watch The Throne mentality takes intentionality, persistence, and Heroism! We were not made to self-protect! We were made to pursue purpose and use our lives for the benefit of others. Only when we begin to live that way do we really find the significant, Heroic life we all desire.


What is ONE AREA where you find yourself "Watching The Throne" (aka self-protecting) and what is ONE THING you will do this week to gain the perspective needed to stop?

(Common areas where we Watch The Throne)

-Are you trying to "WIN" in your marriage instead of loving without conditions?

-Is your goal at work to gain as much power as possible instead of serving the organization?

-Is there subtle competition among your friends for status or attention?


Ask God to show you the areas where you are self-protecting and seek the Holy Spirit's help to get out of self-protection mode. Take time to thank Jesus for being the ultimate example of putting His purpose first!


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