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RAP Sheet 9/27/20

Series: Love is Blind

Message: Drive By Baptism


This week we learned the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. We learned 3 things about the Eunuch:

  1. He was in Jerusalem as an outsider making him a minority in the city

  2. He was a eunuch which meant he could have no relationship, marriage, or children

  3. He worshipped the God of Israel, but because of his race would not have been allowed inside the Temple

Have you ever felt like an outsider?

What about you has made you feel you weren't "enough" in life?

The Eunuch had spent his whole life being told "no". He was an outsider everywhere he went. But God had plans for this man that he knew nothing about!

Philip was passed by the Ethiopian chariot and God told him to chase after it. When Philip got close, he heard the man reading from the Jewish Prophet Isaiah. The Ethiopian let him up in the chariot and Philip explained that Isaiah was predicting Jesus coming and giving his life so we could be in relationship with God!

The man believed in Jesus and just then they passed by a pool of water. The Ethiopian asked Philip, "Is there any reason for me not to get baptized?"

This was a loaded question. All his life, this man had been told the reasons that he could not be a part of real society or real religion. His question expected an answer. Surely there was something holding him back from getting in the water.

He didn't know that Jesus came to start something brand new. Philip had the chariot pull over and baptized the man on the spot!


The Ethiopian believed there was something about him that would keep him from the movement of Jesus.

Have you ever thought, or do you currently believe, that you are simply not "Christian material"?

Maybe you have done too much bad, or broken too many commandments. Maybe others have used their words to destroy your sense of self-worth. Perhaps you have such a low view of yourself, you just assume that God does too.

This story is in scripture to show us that Jesus loves and gave his life for ALL people! Whatever you believe about yourself that is holding you back, Jesus took care of on the cross!


What is ONE WAY that you have been thinking negatively about yourself that you can begin seeing the way God see it?

If you have never believed in Jesus, that is the starting place for finding your value and purpose. There is nothing more important in this life than wrestling through what you believe about eternity.


Spend some time praying for those who are getting baptized at our Drive By Baptism. Pray that God would continue the process of showing them their purpose and power in Him. Get vulnerable with God and allow Him to show you the areas that you have remained closed off to Him. God sees it all anyway and wants you to know he loves you and sees you as more than your worst ways!


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