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RAP Sheet April 26, 2020

Message: Prove It


This week we studied the human tendency to try and Prove Ourselves. We saw this has been a problem since Bible times!

What is one area of your life where you feel the need to prove yourself?

What are some ways you have lived for the approval of people around you?

Paul, writing to Timothy, reminded him that it is only God that can ultimately judge us, (maybe Tupac was right all along!). If we understand our purpose as a part of God's plan, we will live concerned about IMPROVING ourselves to become more of the person we were made to be.

The BIG IDEA for this week was:

You can not PROVE yourself & IMPROVE yourself at the same time.

If you evaluate quarantine so far, would you say you have lived more to PROVE your worth, value, importance, status, skills, relationships, etc - or to IMPROVE them?


Paul told Timothy to choose to be a spiritual soldier, not a worldly civilian. That means living to please Jesus, not your social circle. He implored Timothy to train like an elite athlete, focused on the Finish Line, not Fame! Last, he reminded Timothy that it takes hard work as a Farmer to avoid Famine and see Harvest!

All of these metaphors are meant to push us to live with the right view of life. When we live to PROVE it to the world around us we allow people to be the judge and jury of our value. When we live to IMPROVE, God blesses our efforts to live life for Him!


Spend some time in prayer over the areas of your life that you feel the need to PROVE yourself. Remember that God proved how valuable you are when he sent his Son to die in your place!

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can use this time of Quarantine to actively improve parts of your life. Make a commitment to God to NOT WASTE THE WAITING!


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