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RAP Sheet April 5, 2020

Series: Wonder Week

Message: Friday


This week, Pastor Clayton led us to a deeper look at Jesus as God. On Friday of Wonder Week, Jesus died on a Roman cross. However, before that sacrifice, a political drama unfolded between the Roman governor Pilate and the Jewish leaders who wanted Jesus dead.

What did you find most interesting about the political dynamics at play in Wonder Week?

Jesus refused to answer Pilate's questions and it finally got under his skin. In a moment of anger, Pilate pushed his authority to the forefront and made Jesus aware that His life hung in the decision Pilate would make!

Jesus calmly let Pilate know that any power he thinks he may have, has been given to him by God. In other words, Jesus has been in control the entire time!

Pilate was struggling to make his story go the right way. This moment with Jesus brought on extreme pressure for him to get the decision right.

What kind of pressure do you feel like you are living under to make your life go the way you want it to?

Pilate had to come face to face with the realization that he had no real authority at all. There is no control over things outside of ourselves.


What difference would it make in your life to give up trying to control things outside of yourself?

What would it look like to allow Jesus to be the director and lead actor in your story?



Spend some time this week praying that God would use this time of sheltering at home to show you a better script for your life. Seek God and ask Him to reveal his desires for you. If you have tried to take control of your story, admit that to God and let Him know that you have changed your mind about how you are living now as a part of His greater story!

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