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RAP Sheet Easter 2020

Series: Wonder Week

Message: Easter


As we journeyed to the last day in Wonder Week, we saw Jesus as Savior!

The world was at it's darkest and the followers of Jesus were observing the Jewish Sabbath. They were trapped in their homes, unable to do anything to vindicate the newly-deceased Jesus. In a real sense, they were in Quarantine!

Many of the disciples headed back to their old lives. When we can no longer see our future, we tend to put our hope in what is FAMILIAR.

During this uncertain time, is there anything other than Jesus that you find yourself putting your hope in?

What are some of the familiar things from your past that are creeping back into your life while we are sheltering at home? (old relationships, habits, addictions, patterns, emotions, worldviews, etc.)

Easter reminds us that all people die. The question is, are we ready?


If Jesus never rose from the dead, then we are wise to find the familiar things of this world to place our hope in!

However, is Jesus is alive - IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

If you do believe in Jesus, remember to show your gratitude this week for what He has done for you!

If you do not believe, as yourself: Have I truly looked at the case for Christ and decided against it, or do I simply not WANT to believe?!

Most people have decided against Jesus for all the wrong reasons! If you have never REALLY wrestled with the question of what happens after you die, start today to dig into the most important question in your life!


Spend some time praying that God would give you the courage to spread this week's message to your friends and family who are not believers.

Let Jesus know how thankful you are for all He did during Wonder Week!

Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep you focused on the future and not settling for the familiar.


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