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RAP Sheet February 16th, 2020

Series: Triggered

Message: Cheat Code


This week we learned how to prioritize "Keystone Habits" as a CHEAT CODE to changing our habits. Keystone Habits are small changes or habits that, when introduced into your routines, create a domino effect that changes many areas of your life.

Some examples are:

Working Out - motivates you to eat healthier, quit smoking, sleep better, increases self-confidence, creates discipline in other areas of your life

Making Your Bed - Starts your day off triggering your brain to be organized, brings a sense of order to your life, gives you the feel of a "win" to start your morning, creates a clean environment

Eating Around the Table - increases relational equity among families, improves kids study habits, increases chances of college attendance, etc.

Can you think of a Habit that, if you started it, would positively affect other areas of your life?

We saw that Jesus had a habit of getting away from the crowds and praying in solitude. Daniel prayed three times a day in a specific place in his home. The Apostle Paul had the same routine every time he went into a city to start a church.

What is a negative habit in your life that leads to other negative consequences? (Gossiping leading to paranoia, social media leading to anger, etc.)

Last, we looked at our MetaChurch Keystone Habits: INVITE and INVEST.

There is a LOT to being the Movement of Jesus; however, these two habits are like the "Cheat Code" to expanding our influence and reaching as many people as possible for Jesus.


INVITE - We have set a new trigger for inviting people to join us for a MetaChurch Sunday gathering. It goes like this -



This week make a note in your phone, or write it on your hand, to be on the listen for people saying "New" or "Through." That is your Trigger to share your MetaStory! End with a simple invite to meet them at whatever service THEY want to go to.

INVEST - We have a simple trigger for giving to the Movement of Jesus. When we get paid, we give FIRST to what God is doing. If you are not currently giving, join us in helping pave the way for what God is wanting to do through this movement!


Continue to pray that God shows you the negative Habits holding you back in life and gives you the courage to deal with them!

Seek the Holy Spirit to understand what some Keystone Habits are that would make a difference in your life.

Also, stay in prayer for the people who will be getting baptized this coming Sunday!


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