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RAP Sheet January 19th, 2019

Series: Triggered

Message: See it / Be it


This week we learned that behavioral change is often shortlived because we start with the wrong question. This is why most "New Year Resolutions" fade out after only a few weeks. Instead of asking:

"What Do I want to Change?"

We need to ask

"Who am I becoming?"

Simply trying to change behaviors in our lives is an attempt to change from the outside-in. It is driven by a desire to BE something different.

What Resolutions have you tried and failed in the past? Who in your team holds the record for giving up on a resolution the fastest?

What are some changes that you are hoping to see in your life this year?

The Big Idea for this message was: "You have to SEE it, if you want to BE it."

When it came time for God to find a replacement for the leader of Israel, Joshua was a natural choice. It makes sense because Joshua was a STUD! However, the Bible says that God chose Joshua, not because of what he had done, but because of who he was!

Joshua found his identity in God. He could SEE the man God was calling him to be. Because he could SEE it, he was able to BE it!

When is the last time you took some time to think about your identity?

Who do you think God is calling you to be?

What does that look like in the different roles you play in life (spouse, parent, student, friend, boss, etc.)?


This week is unique because our application started in service with our "Daily Declarations."

Did everyone have a chance to fill out their own Daily Declarations?


These Daily Declarations are future truths that we are claiming for our lives! They are a statement of identity and Pastor Clayton has asked us to say them OUT LOUD each morning!

Over time you will add others and maybe alter some you have today. This exercise will center you on who you are becoming.

If you can SEE it, you are on the right path to BE it!


Spend time praying over your daily declarations. Ask God to help this become a habit in your life. Pray that your team will empower each other to follow through on this activity.

Pray for the rest of the Triggered series.

Ask God to guide you daily to be more and more like Jesus.


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