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RAP Sheet June 7, 2020

Message: Salt and Light


In the famous, "Sermon on the Mount" Jesus called his followers SALT and LIGHT!

This week we dug into what exactly He was saying about us by using these two terms. First, we saw that Salt is one of the most common products on earth!

Do you ever feel common or ordinary?

Does this cause tension with a longing to be seen as extraordinary?

Salt is basic. It is nothing to write home about. Jesus said we are the Salt of the Earth!

But, He continued to say that we are the Light of the World! While salt may be basic, Light is incredible! The light in the heavens was the very first miracle in Genesis 1. Light is how we live and survive. Light is special - it is extraordinary.


On our own, we are basic. There are 7 billion people in the world and we are struggling along as one of them. However, with Jesus in our life, we are far from basic! We are the Light of the world!

Both aspects are so critical to living out our purpose. We must first realize that we are average, everyday people. This keeps us away from pride and feeling that we are something special on our own! Then, we must see that through our relationship with Jesus, we carry the hope of the world!

Through our saltiness, we connect with the people around us. once we are connected, we shine forth the way to hope. If we forget that we are Light, we could grow discouraged. If we forget that we are salt, we could grow conceited. It takes both - we are Salt and Light!

Here is your application question:

What is ONE WAY you will be both salt and light this week?

What is one way you will use your commonality with the people around you to connect? Then, once connected, how will you help point those people to hope?


Spend some time asking God to show you clearly that you are both Salt and Light. Thank Jesus that He has given you hope and power and purpose. Spend some time seeking out the ways you have become prideful or discouraged because of an imbalance in your understanding of who you are. Seek how the Spirit may be challenging you to connect with people in your sphere of influence.


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