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RAP SHEET Learning to listen

For the next 3 weeks, you will use this same RAP SHEET to facilitate a conversation about what God is showing you as your read through John's gospel, pray, and fast! This is meant to be more of a conversation and less of a guided process than normal. This may feel a little bit intimidating at first, but trust your team and share what you have experienced as we all Learn to Listen!


What stuck out to you in your reading this week?

What is something that surprised you about what you read?

How is your fast going? What has been the hardest part? Have you had a chance to use your desire for what you gave up as a catalyst to pray?

What do you hope to get out of this upcoming week in Learning to Listen?

How are you being challenged during this journey?


Go around the room and write down prayer requests and praises from your team members. A person, or a few people, voice these items in prayer. As a team, commit to praying for each other during the week!


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