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RAP Sheet March 1, 2020

Series: Wonder Week

Message: Sunday


This week we took a close look at Palm Sunday and Jesus's Triumphant Entry. On the first day of Wonder Week, we saw Jesus as King!

What is something you learned about Palm Sunday that you did not realize before?

The people in Jerusalem were ready for a Messiah to come and end the Roman occupation. They were desperate and saw Jesus as an opportunity for relief.

What area of your life are you desperate for Jesus to bring some relief to?

What ways do you take that relief into your own hands? (gossip, numbing, drinking, etc)

Jesus knew that some in the crowd cheering for him on Sunday would be calling for his death by the end of the week. He knew that his calling was not to be the physical King of Israel but to die and save the world from our sins.

It was the humility to go through with His mission that makes Jesus the King, not of Jerusalem, but of ALL the earth!


Jesus showed us on Day 1 of Wonder Week that the path to greatness always goes through the struggle of humility. He easily had the power to become King but gave it up to become our Savior!

What is an area of your life that you are trying to be "king" over?

What would it look like for you to choose humility in that situation?

Here is your application question for the week:

What is ONE way you allow Jesus to be King in your life this week? (Specifically, in an area that you have tried to be King yourself)

Perhaps you see your career and you calling as two separate things? You allow Jesus to run the spiritual side of your life and you take care of business. It is time to let Jesus into your work!

Maybe you are a dominant spouse or parent. Jesus can be in charge of the church stuff, but you rule your home with an iron fist. What would it look like to demonstrate humility in your family roles?

In your friend groups, do you try to ride in on a chariot each time you hang out? Do you HAVE to be the center of attention? Are you putting others down to lift yourself up? Find a donkey - humble yourself - and see how God moves.


Spend some time praying for ways that you can begin to serve Jesus as your King. He IS THE KING, and our best life will be found when we submit and serve.

Pray for each other's areas where you struggle to be in control. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you ways to live in humility. Continue to pray for this series, for our movement, and for Easter services coming up soon.


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