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RAP Sheet March 8, 2020

Series: Wonder Week

Message: Monday


This week we looked at Day 2 of Wonder Week - Monday. On the 2nd DAY, we also saw the 2nd WAY that Jesus was preparing us to understand what Easter is all about!

Monday, Jesus seems to be having a bad day. We find Him in the outer courtyard of the Temple, and he is Flipping over the Tables of the money-changers! Why would Jesus do such a thing? Where is this anger, or irrationality coming from?

Has Jesus ever worked, (or not worked), in your life in a surprising way?

Is it ever difficult to understand where God is, or what exactly He is up to behind the scenes

It turns out, that when you see Jesus' actions through the bigger picture of Wonder Week, that he is not out of control at all! Jesus was showing that He is not only King, but He is a Prophet!

Throughout the Bible, Prophets often did things that looked a little crazy. However, there was always a point, and it was always from God - and FOR God. Jesus was not only flipping the tables of the money-changers, But He was also flipping the table on the whole religious system.

When have you seen religion cause hurt in our society?

Has religion, or overly-religious people, every hurt you personally?


As MetaChurch, we are the continuation of the movement that Jesus started on Easter. We are now called to Prophecy, speak the truth of God, in the world around us. This does not mean that we trade places with the Temple and become the pious, religious elite ourselves. The first day of Wonder Week showed that whatever we do, it must be marked by HUMILITY!

Speaking the truth of God to the power of the world around us is how we "Flip the Tables" in our own life.

Here is your application question for this week?

It could be the way you are dating or treating your spouse.u have not been speaking out or living out, the truth of God?

It could be the way you are dating, or treating your spouse.

Perhaps your parenting is selfish and you need to flip it to a model of service and unconditional love.

Maybe you are caught up in cheating, or drug use, or alcohol abuse, or any number of things that you know are not what God desires for your life.

This week it is time to start speaking the truth of God about those areas of your life. By prophesying over them, you will begin to take the power back and gain the ability to find your way back to the path of your purpose.


Speaking truth to power can be an incredibly difficult and even dangerous thing.

On Sunday, the crowds were ready to crown Jesus King. On Monday, they started to change their minds. They thought Jesus was going to destroy Rome, not the Temple!

Spend some time praying that your team will have the courage to prophesy - courageously speak God's truth - over your life.


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