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RAP Sheet May 17, 2020

Message: End In Sight


This week we were honest about the difficulty in living through a crisis that seems to have no end in sight. As humans, we make decisions based on what we can see ahead of us. When we feel blinded to the truth, we have a tendency to assume the worst about what is going on!

There is comfort in what we can see. However, we often make decisions based solely off of our senses that get us into real trouble!

What are some decisions you have made that LOOKED good at the time, but turned out to be horrible choices?

Samson is a hero of the Bible, but he is also an example of living based on what we can see. Samson loved the ladies, and what do whatever he had to to get them. He continued to make romantic decisions that were in opposition to his life purpose. This led him to his defeat at the hands of his enemies.

Thinking back on the message, what do you think led Samson to abandon his purpose so quickly?

When have you allowed temptation to draw you away from God's desires?

After his capture, Samson was blinded. When he could no longer see physically, his destiny once again became clear. His story ends with redemption as he defeats more Philistines in one moment than he had his entire life! This is an encouragement that it is never too late to follow our purpose!


In 2 Corinthians 5:7, we are told to "Walk by faith and not by sight."

Many of us live "blinded by our sight." We are so sold out to the things we can see and experience that we leave little room for the Spirit inside of us to guide our decisions.


What is ONE decision you have been struggling to make that you will allow God to speak into this week?

This means that you will practice what we are preaching. You will not make this decision just based on what you can see or perceive. Seek wise, godly counsel, pray about it all week, dig into scripture - WALK BY FAITH!


Ask God to show you the right direction for the decisions in your life. Seek the Holy Spirit inside of you. Get to know what it feels like to see with spiritual eyes.

Pray for the safety of those around you. Thank Jesus for all He has given us!


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