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RAP Sheet May 24, 2020

Message: New / Normal


This week we learned the story of Naaman. He was a very important, highly regarded man; BUT, he had leprosy!

All Naaman wanted was to go "Back to Normal." He heard of a prophet in Israel who may be able to heal him. Naaman pursued Elisha the prophet but there was one problem - Naaman needed something NEW but wanted something NORMAL.

What is something NEW that you have been afraid to pursue?

What keeps us so comfortable in the normal? (Even if it is a terrible normal!)

Naaman almost missed his miracle because he was so obsessed with the way things are "supposed" to be. If we aren't careful, Normal becomes the enemy of the New!

The apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5, that we are NEW creations! This is a spiritual reality. He also tells us in Ephesians 4, that we are to, "Take off the OLD self" and, "Put on the NEW self." This passage is about our physical reality.

These two things are true at the same time. First, we are spiritually NEW the moment we put our faith in Jesus. Second, each day we choose whether to walk out of the power and purpose of that new life in our temporal reality.


What if NEW was the NEW NORMAL for followers of Jesus?

Here is your application question for the week:

What is ONE WAY you can look for, or live out, the NEW that God wants for you in your life this week?


Ask God to show you where you are clinging to the Normal in your life. Seek the Holy Spirit in understanding what NEW paths may be in front of you that you have been spiritually blinded to.

As New creations, our purpose is to help others find Jesus so they too can become new! Meditate on what Jesus has done for you and allow it to fuel your motivation to reach others.

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