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RAP Sheet November 10th, 2019

Series: What You Started

Message: Managing Your Miracles


This week we saw God miraculously dry up the Jordan river to bring the Israelites into the Promised Land. However, once they were on the other side, they now had to begin managing their miracle.

First, God had the entire generation of Israelites, who were born during 40 years wandering the wilderness, be circumcised as the sign of the Covenant between the Jews and God. This would have been incredibly painful and uncomfortable. However, this had been the physical sign that Israel was set-apart from ALL other nations to someday give birth to the Savior.

Today we do not have a physical condition that shows we are children of God; we have a spiritual position. We do not prepare our bodies as much as we prepare our hearts and our minds.

What is one area of your life that you feel like God has been working on, (or you would like to work on), to set you apart and make you more powerful in his Movement?

After the circumcision, the Nation ate food from the produce of the Promised Land. When they did, scripture says the Manna quit coming. Manna was, quite literally, miraculous food that came from heaven EVERY DAY for 40 years to feed Israel in the desert. The Jews were getting room-service every morning and now they would have to work for their food!

They are in the Promised Land they had always dreamed of, and now they have to Manage that Miracle!

What is something significant you have been praying for in your life?

What would change if it actually came to be?

Have you ever seen a prayer, or desire, come true?

What about it was unexpected?

Have you ever gotten what you really wanted only to realize that it required a lot more work/effort/emotion/capacity than you thought?


God is doing AMAZING things at MetaChurch. Our journey of starting the new Helotes venue has truly been miraculous! Now we have to manage that miracle. Staff is stretched thinner, resources have to be shared, strategies are more complex... in other words, we are Managing the Miracle!

This week we learned that what we are praying for is going to require work when it comes! However, we also saw that there is always Provision in the Promise. God did not take Israel to the Promised Land to have them starve, He did not open up the door to Helotes for MetaChurch to fail, and he is working in the situations of your life to make a way toward your ultimate God-given purpose.

What is in your life today that you used to spend time praying about, wishing for, or thinking you wanted to happen?

Maybe you always wanted kids, or to be married, or a certain career, etc.

All of these things come with complication.

What is one way you are going to Manage Your Miracles differently this week - trusting God for Provision in that Promise even when it is so difficult?

Being patient with your kids knowing that God is in control.

Showing love to your spouse in a surprising way trusting that God sees the hard parts of that relationship.

Helping a coworker on a project that you are in competition for, believing God will bless you for being a blessing.


This may be a hard one! Spend some time praying for the complicated areas of your life. If you think hard enough, some of those may have at one time been things you were praying for! Stretch yourself to trust that God is wanting to provide in the messy places.


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