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RAP Sheet November 17th, 2019

Series: What You Started

Message: When is the Win?


In week 3 of our series, we saw Israel circling the city of Jericho in silence - a STRANGE strategy for battle!

Oftentimes we are in difficult seasons of our lives and it is hard to know how God is using it for our good. Maybe there have been times that you feel like you are circling the same issue over and over, not able to get any resolution. It is one thing to trust that God will use it for a future Win in our life, but during the pain, it is easy to wonder, "When is the Win?"

What is the last struggle in your life that really tested your faith?

Is there anything you are currently experiencing that you have trouble believing could someday be used for good?

These are difficult questions that require a high level of honesty. The difficult thing about Faith is that, by definition, we do not see the end when we are in the middle. Many Christians are sidetracked in life because of suffering. It may be tempting to think this always looks like running away from God; however, it is more often we lose heart and simply quit walking in the right direction. If Satan cannot turn you, he will settle to stall you.


The world is going to offer "exit ramps" off of God's path every time life gets hard. Addictions to numb your pain, sex to feel valuable again, spending to regain a sense of control...

These are cheap, meaningless "wins" that we often settle for when we lose faith in the TRUE WIN God has for us. We do not know how and we do not know when, but God will bring victory in your life, you just have to keep walking with Him.

What is ONE way you will keep walking on your way to the Win this week?

Maybe you have gotten sloppy on your time alone with God and it is time to reprioritize.

Perhaps you haven't been the spouse/parent/coworker God has called you to be and there is a change you can make to get back on track.

Life can be SO hard. It can be easy to lose faith and quit walking! Remember, as Long as You Are Walking - You Are Winning!


Spend some time praying for the battles that your teammates are facing. Today required a lot of vulnerability - lift these prayers up to the God who already knew your struggles before you shared them.

Encourage one another to never give up and when all else fails to keep walking!


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