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RAP SheetMarch 29th, 2020

Series: Wonder Week

Message: Thursday


This week we looked at Day 5 of Wonder Week -Thursday. This is the day we see Jesus' humanity in the clearest, most visceral way.

When you imagine Jesus, how do you see his personality? Is he stoic and robotic? Humorous and sincere? Kind and compassionate?

If you grew up in the church there is a good chance you focused a lot on Jesus' deity, but not necessarily His humanity. However, understanding Jesus as human teaches us some incredibly important lessons.

The night before His death, Jesus went to a garden to pray. It was there that He asked for a way out of what was coming.

Are there any circumstances in your life that you have been asking Jesus to get you out of?

Jesus asks 3 times for his Heavenly Father to make a way other than the cross - yet He submits to the will of the Father regardless.

Why is submission so hard for us as humans? When have you been forced to submit to a person/process/situation that you did NOT want to?


Jesus found his disciples sleeping instead of keeping watch while He was praying. Jesus said to them, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

Jesus as a Human is not saying this without experience. In fact, Jesus was actively battling his flesh through prayer in the garden. The disciples needed to do the same in order to stand up to the trials that were coming.

Any person who has believed in Jesus has the power of the Holy Spirit inside of them and The Spirit is willing!

Willing to follow Jesus

Willing to sacrifice

Willing to be the hands and feet of God

Willing to go through suffering

The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak. This means in order to live the life we were created to live, we have to FIGHT OUR FLESH!

What is ONE WAY you will fight your flesh this week?

In other words, what is one way that you will strive to allow the spirit inside of you to guide you instead of your more selfish, human desires?

Perhaps it is serving your family in a specific way to keep you from the desire to always be served.

Maybe you fight your flesh by spending 30 minutes in prayer each morning seeking how God wants to work in your life.

Whatever it takes, find a way this week to fight your flesh. Your spirit is willing, make room for it to work! PRAY:

Spend some time in prayer this week asking God to use us during this time of quarantine. Pray that He would:

-Heal those who are sick and protect those who are not

-Grant wisdom to our local, state, and federal leaders

-Calm fears and bring peace to anxiety

-Use this time to bring spiritual revial

Last, pray that God would help you Fight Your Flesh this week!


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