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RAP SHEET 12/11/22

Christmas Series

Sermon: O Come All Ye Faithful

Scripture: Luke 2

ICE BREAKER: What is an odd or unique tradition your family has during the holidays?


This week Pastor Noel helped us learn how to appropriately respond to what Jesus does in our life by looking at the story of the first Christmas.

Noel shared an event from childhood where his church put on a drive-through Christmas experience. They went all out, and pretty soon, word spread and the lines grew longer and longer. That is how life tends to work - when we see something cool or significant, we share it with the people around us! Our BIG IDEA for the week is:



We learned this from the shepherds visited by an angel shortly after Jesus was born. The Shepherds were the commoners of that day. They did not have advanced degrees or social status; however, they were known for being incredibly brave! This courage, as strong as it was, was not enough to keep them from sheer terror at the sight of the angels in the presence of the Lord.

The angel comforted them and told them the good news - that their savior had been born in the small town of Bethlehem, swaddled up, sleeping in a manger.

The Shepherds responded in faith and went down to see the child. Once they had BORN WITNESS to the newborn King, scripture says they went out at TESTIFIED ABOUT it to everyone they saw!

All of our lives are testifying to something...

If your life, (actions, reactions, outlooks, conversations, social media posts, etc.), were a billboard - what would you be advertising?

To what does your life TESTIFY? Do people learn about Jesus from how you live? Are you hesitant to share your story or talk about God?

Bearing Witness is to give focus and attention intentionally. The Shepherds had to leave their flocks, journey on foot, and search through the town to find Jesus. They were in pursuit!

We are all pursuing something, seeking it out, and bearing witness to it!


At MetaChurch, we believe wholeheartedly that if you will seek out Jesus and Bear Witness to what He gives to your life, you will have no other option but to Testify far and wide about His goodness!


What is ONE WAY you can intentionally Bear Witness to what Jesus is doing in your life this week?

Who is ONE PERSON to whom you can testify about what Jesus means to you this week?


As you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to prompt your heart throughout the day to be more aware of Jesus. Spend time focusing on what Jesus has done for you and ask for courage to testify of that to those around you!


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