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RAP SHEET 3/14/21

Series: IAm7

Sermon: I am the Light

Scripture: John 8

ICE BREAKER: Describe your DREAM job!


This week, Pastor Noel led us through the second "I Am" statement in John's gospel: "I am the Light of the world."

Does life ever feel like you are navigating through the darkness? Does it ever seem like the answers to life's questions are all hidden from you?

The idea of Jesus as the light is a comfort and a promise that he is guiding us through the darkness of this world. However, that is not all that it means!

In John chapter 8, we see Jesus brought into the center of a new controversy. A woman "caught in the act of adultery," is thrown at his feet. The religious leaders want to know how Jesus recommends for them to prosecute her.

This woman has obviously found herself in a dark place. Reading this story, everyone is aware that she desperately needs a guiding light. However, she is not the only one in the dark! The religious leaders are surrounded by the darkness of their own pride. They are relying on the Jewish Law to lead them to righteousness - forgetting that true righteousness if found in love and mercy.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it was obvious you needed help to get out of it?

What was your "guiding light" that brought you through?

Jesus bent down and drew something in the dirt. Then he told the religious leaders, "Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone." Slowly, all the men walked away. The reality of life is that we wall deserve punishment! We have all sinned against a perfect God and are deserving of the wrath that follows. However, Jesus came to take that punishment for us. Jesus, the one with no sin, took the pain for us who are covered in sin.

Jesus knelt down and spoke to the woman. He did not condone her actions, they were sinful. However, he also did not condemn her life, it was precious. "Go, and sin no more," Jesus said. After this moment resolved Jesus declared, "I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD."

Jesus is the light. He illuminated a path forward in life to a woman stuck in her sin. He illuminated the truth of the scriptures to the religious leaders who were blinded to its true meaning, and He shone his light on us by bringing us into His movement!


What is ONE SPECIFIC AREA of your life that you need Jesus to be your guiding light? What will you do to trust Him in that role?

Jesus is desperate to light our way, we must seek Him through His word, through prayer, and through the wise counsel of godly people! If you feel stuck in the dark - run to the light!!


Spend time praying and thanking Jesus that he took the punishment for your sins. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the areas in your life that you remain in the dark. Make your desire known that God that you want to live in His light!


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