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RAP SHEET 3/7/21

Series: IAm7

Sermon: I Am Bread

Scripture: John 6

ICE BREAKER: Who is your closest celebrity Doppelgänger (The celebrity you look the most like)?


Pastor Lee Wong kicked off a brand new series this Sunday focusing on the 7 "I Am" statements that Jesus spoke in the Gospel of John. These statements give us deep insight into who Jesus is, how he lived, what he accomplished, and why it matter to our lives today.

The first of our IAm7, came following an incredible miracle. Over 20,000 people showed up to hear Jesus speak and eventually everyone was getting hungry. The disciples wanted to turn everyone away, but instead Jesus told the disciples to figure it out!

Finally, one of the disciples found a young boy who had a few fish and some loaves of bread - hardly enough for the crowd to be fed. Then, Jesus blessed that small meal and multiplied it to feed the thousands! This miracle definitely caught the attention of those who came out to hear Jesus that day.

In fact, they followed him to another part of the country the next day and demanded more bread! Jesus saw right through this. They did not want to hear what he had to say, they wanted to eat what he had to offer.

Have you ever been guilty of treating Jesus more like a genie - more interested in what He can give you than a real relationship with him?

Jesus pointed out a significant truth: while bread may satisfy your hunger for a while, it cannot satisfy you forever. Bread will keep you alive for now, but someday you will die!

In this moment, Jesus brings to focus the biggest question we have in this life - what happens after death? To that question, Jesus responds with his first "I AM."

I am the bread of life… - John 6:35


This spiritual bread, Jesus promised, would cause you to never go hungry again! Jesus said to accept this bread is to believe that He was who he said He was. We learn in this passage that Jesus is concerned FIRST and FOREMOST with our spiritual hunger, not our physical condition.

Jesus absolutely cares about the day to day needs and struggles we all navigate, but those pale in comparison to the need for us to find spiritual hope and eternal life! Jesus is not our Genie to grant our every wish during out time on earth. In fact, giving us what we want would often be the worst thing he could do for us!

Jesus came to provide the ultimate answer. To give his body up on the cross as the sacrifice for our sins. To pour out his blood as the offering that will quench our thirst forever!

This week's application question is simple: Have you received the bread of life?


If you have believed in Jesus, your eternal hunger is satisfied. You will have struggles and heartache in this broken world, but this world is no longer your home! If you are a believer, spend time praying for those who do not yet know Jesus.

If you have not believed in Jesus, but you are ready to take that step of faith, simply pray a prayer like this to acknowledge your belief:

Jesus, I thank you for loving me and giving your life so I could have eternal life. Today I choose to believe in you and receive the bread of life. Thank you for a new, eternal life and for promising me that our relationship is something I can never lose. Amen!


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