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RAP SHEET 7/30/23

Sermon: Chasm of Chaos

Scripture: James 2

ICE BREAKER: Would you rather have a terrible boss and awesome coworkers or an awesome boss and terrible coworkers?


This week we talked about the difficult of moving from INSPIRATION to APPLICATION. It is relatively easy to get inspired! We listen to a great message, watch an inspiring movie, listen to a weight loss podcast, see a friend become successful... there are endless things to motivate us in our health, finances, relationships, career, spirituality, etc.

The problem isn't getting inspired, the problem is turning that inspiration into RESULTS! We get inspired to build a better marriage but fall right back into the same routines. We get inspired to lose weight but continue to watch our health suffer. We get inspired to live out our faith but get caught in the same temptations.

This is most significant in our spiritual life. God created us to live a life of purpose; however, purpose requires application!

The gap between Inspiration and Application is what we call the "CHASM OF CHAOS."

Imagine Inspiration and Application as two peaks on opposite sides of a massive valley. How do we bridge that gap? How do we move from inspiration to application?

The book of James describes this as our faith resulting in positive works. It makes clear that if our faith does not result in application - it is completely useless to us and the world around us!


The New Testament goes to great length to teach us how to bridge the INSPIRATION-APPLICATION gap! It does this by teaching us how to be healthy across the major areas of our life.

The bridge between faith and works is built by intentional growth in SPIRITUAL health, EMOTIONAL health, FINANCIAL health, and RELATIONAL health!

Which of these areas do you need the most work in?

What are you currently doing to try and get healthier in your life?

Starting this fall, MetaChurch is launching a new program to help bridge the Chasm of Chaos and help individuals truly live a life of purpose. We are calling it the Meta Movement Academy!

It is a big commitment, but will yield big results in your life!


Ask God to show you what areas of your life are not currently healthy. Ask for humility to get the help you need moving from faith to works.


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