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RAP SHEET 11/12/23

Series: Cancelled Conversations

Sermon: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Scripture: Luke 1:39-44

ICE BREAKER: What was your favorite lunch entree in your elementary cafeteria?


This week we covered the Hot Topic of abortion. We first acknowledged that both sides of the debate see themselves as fighting FOR something positive. Pro-Choice advocates for the protection, uplifting, and rights of women. Pro-Life fights for the protection, uplifting, and rights of the unborn.

In a real sense, one is fighting for the LIBERTY of women and the other is fighting for the LIFE of the unborn. Like every topic we come across as the church, we should ensure that we are approaching it with grace and understanding.

At the same time, the truth of scripture rings clear that we are to choose Life. It is revealed that God knows us before we are even conceived and plays an active role in forming us in the womb. This is highlighted by the story of Jesus and John when they were in the first and second trimester, respectively. Scripture calls John by name and even calls Jesus, "The Lord" while they are both still in utero.

Had Mary, as a young, unwed mother, had an abortion - it would not have just been a fetus that she aborted - it would have been Jesus.

On Sunday we walked through the scientific reality that at the moment of conception a new entity is formed with its own unique DNA. The entire sequence of what that life will become is present in that moment. Life, by every metric, starts at conception and to end a life is murder.

Philosophically, we saw how the right to Life is the most fundamental of all rights and must be prioritized above the rights of Liberty - even when the situation is very difficult.


Throughout this series we are using the template from week 1 to help us know how to apply these truths to our life. In week 1 we learned that ANYONE can come to Jesus and be given eternal life. Believing in Jesus is completely free!

We also learned that to FOLLOW Jesus costs us! Jesus said:

Matthew 16

24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

The Invitation to BELIEVE in Jesus Is COME TO THE CROSS And Gain Eternal Life

The Invitation to FOLLOW Jesus Is CARRY YOUR CROSS & Die To Yourself

The popular culture is adamantly pro-abortion. It is seen as one of the greatest goods in our society and the arguments can feel quite convincing. However, MANY things the culture actively promotes go against God's revelation to us in scripture.

The questions for this series are the same every week...

Based on what we have learned about this topic:

What does it mean to DENY MYSELF

What CROSS am I supposed to carry?


If you are struggling with clarity on the questions above, stop and ask God for that clarity. Pray for those who may be struggling with this issue and that God would give you a soft heart for the controversial topics in our world.


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