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RAP SHEET 3/3/24

Sermon: Nest vs Team

Scripture: Galatians 4:4-7

ICE BREAKER: Growing up, what was your breakfast cereal of choice?


This week, we talked about the importance of living out a Biblical view of family. How we organize our families today is very different from most of human history! We live with a "Nest" model, seeing family as a springboard for individual success. We hope to "Get our kids out of the nest" and hope that they make something of their lives!

What we see in the Biblical model is quite different; you could call it the "Team" model for the family. This model considers the need for a multigenerational team living on a mission together. Everyone's success is guaranteed by the people around them, not solely by their individual skill or determination.









From the beginning, God established the family as the key organizing team to enact His plans on the earth. We see this model throughout scripture! God was going to use families to fill and bless the whole earth. Eventually, the world rebelled, and God called one family out of Abraham to be his chosen children. God blessed Israel, and their lineage brought Jesus into the world.

However, Israel had lost sight of its mission to bless the entire world. They became isolated and angry. When Jesus came, they even rejected Him - God in human flesh. Jesus began talking about a new family that wasn't about flesh and blood but about obedience to God. This was the beginning of the movement we call the CHURCH.

Galatians 4 describes the extraordinary price that Jesus paid to adopt us into God's family. Now, we have a call on our lives to be that multigenerational family on a MISSION together - to do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus!


Do you see the church body as a family with which you can be on mission?

Do you feel like you are playing your role in supporting others at MetaChurch?

At the end of service, we were challenged to participate in the family of God by getting active in our local movement at MetaChurch. Specifically, the opportunity was to step in and be a parental figure to our kids and teens in MetaKids and MetaYTH.

What does it look like for you to go all in as a part of your church family?


Thank God for providing a powerful family for us to function in. Spend time acknowledging the price that Jesus paid to adopt you as a son or daughter of God.


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