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RAP SHEET 6/16/24

Series: Stupid In Love

Sermon: Stupid In Love REVIEW

Scripture: Judges 13, Judges 14, Genesis 24, 1 Corinthians 6, Matthew 6


We concluded our "Stupid In Love" series this week by reviewing the key lessons from the past four weeks. We examined the scriptural truths about love, attraction, dating, and marriage, contrasting them with the misguided advice from our culture. We returned to the story of Samson from week one and showed how he made every "stupid in love" mistake possible. Ultimately, Samson becomes the template of what NOT to do if you want to live out the relationships that God desires for you.

Key Points:

1. Understanding True Love: Love is not just an emotion or mental state; it's a commitment rooted in purpose. Samson's story illustrates the danger of falling in love based on superficial qualities (Judges 14:1-3).

2. Attraction: True attraction goes beyond the superficial. To attract the "right one," you need to be the "right one" by being real, holy, and driven (Proverbs 27:19, 1 Peter 1:15, Matthew 6:33).

3. Dating: Modern dating culture often promotes selfishness, sexual immorality, and senseless behavior. Instead, we should pursue selflessness, spiritual compatibility, and significant relationships (1 Corinthians 6:18, Genesis 2:24).

4. Marriage: Building a strong marriage requires a common life purpose, compatibility, and confirmation from wise counsel. Healthy conflict and intentionality are essential to finding and maintaining a God-centered relationship (Genesis 24).


What has been most challenging for you in this series?

What real changes have you started to make in how you approach relationships in the last four weeks?

Where do you hope to be one year from now regarding a romantic relationship? What practical steps can you take today to help make this a reality?


Ask God to help you embrace these principles in your relationships. Pray for wisdom to build and maintain a God-centered relationship that honors Him and fulfills His purpose for your life.


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